Download Problems (solved)

I currently have some problems with WordPress regarding downloadable files and I have yet no idea how to fix it. I have provided alternative download links for the free downloadable plugins (watch out for it in the comments). If you need to download your TimeHide 1.2 update, please send me an email with your order receipt attached.

Edit April 4th, 2014: Thanks to Ruben Müller, the downloads are working again! Many thanks go out to you!  (don’t you dare not to check his website now)

Py4D Tips on GitHub

You’re a Python developer looking for advanced techniques when working with Python in Cinema 4D? Give my py4d-tips repository on GitHub a try! In the current state of the document, you’ll find out how easy it can be to handle GUI resource symbols and implement threaded data-fetching for user interfaces.


Python & Xpresso – Dynamic Input Ports

Using Python in XPresso allows you to handle a dynamic number of Input or Output ports. Take a Node which calculates the Minimum and Maximum value of the Input values as an example. If the node was constrained to two Input Ports, you’d have two use two Nodes two be able to handle 3 Inputs.

With a simple trick, you can handle a dynamic number of Input Ports easily. And not only that, you can also add special treatment like only taking Ports into consideration that are actually connected!

Python Node for calculating the Minimum and Maximum input value of a dynamic number of input ports.

Additional to this functionality, you can use userdata to add parameters to your node that should not (or have no need to) be configurable via XPresso directly. The node shown above for instance has three additional parameters.

User Interface of the Node.


py-min-max.c4d (224 downloads)


Recover heavy scenes (or scenes you’ve fucked up scripting with)

Probably every user has at least fucked up Cinema once by overdoing what their system could handle. Also, scripters often run into infinite loops when writing Python or COFFEE tags. For my part, I often hit save before checking if my script works okay. But if it gets locked in an infinite loop then, the scene is lost! Everytime I’d open it, it’d go into an infinite loop again! But there is a cure :)

You can use the following script to load a Cinema 4D scenefile with every generator, deformer and expression disabled! Whether your scene is heave or you’ve messed up a scripting Tag, this allows you to recover your scene.

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Py4D – Find the hierarchy path between two objects

The “Object” node in XPresso automatically generates a so called “hierarchy path” for an object when switching to the relative reference mode. Such a string is used to find an object relative to another based on four instructions: Up, Down, Next and Previous.

The XPresso Object operator in relative mode

The XPresso Object operator in relative mode

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TimeHide v1.1 Free Upgrade

Customers of the TimeHide plugin get a free upgrade to Version 1.1! Besides some minor behavior improvements, the often requested feature has been added to split the “Only show animated Tracks in Preview Range” option!

You can now choose a display mode for tracks:

  • Show all Tracks
  • Show only animated Tracks
  • Show only tracks which are animated within the Preview Range
The new UI of the TimeHide plugin (v1.1)

The new UI of the TimeHide plugin (v1.1)

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Container Object v0.2 Released

I have released the Container-Object plugin in Version 0.2. It’s key features are

  • Password protection (double-click on the object’s icon in the OM)
  • Load a scene-file directly into a Container-Object (automatically transferring userdata)
  • Convert a Container-Object to a Null-Object



Always get the latest versions of the plugin from the GitHub repository: