Container Object v0.2 Released

I have released the Container-Object plugin in Version 0.2. It’s key features are

  • Password protection (double-click on the object’s icon in the OM)
  • Load a scene-file directly into a Container-Object (automatically transferring userdata)
  • Convert a Container-Object to a Null-Object



Always get the latest versions of the plugin from the GitHub repository:


  1. Hi
    I have serious problem installing this plugin.. I tripple-checked that i got the right version..
    i dont even need it by itself.. its needed for the grass-plugin which works fine..

    C4D13.. 64bit (i tested 32 to see.. but nothing happend)
    I read all how-tos and all readme files.. i cant get this plugin to work.
    I put it in the correct directory and did everything according to your installation tutorial vid.

    It just wont work..


    1. forgot to mention.. im on a Mac..


  2. Niklas Rosenstein November 20, 2013 at 4:38 pm

    Hi Yvo,

    I obviously forgot to mention it in the README, sorry for this. The plugin runs R14+ only on Mac. If you know how, you can compile the plugin with your Cinema 4D R13 version and it should run fine.

    It requires a different XCode version to compile for R13 than it requires for R14, and I don’t have the time to go through the trouble of having two separate compiler toolbelts on my system or two separate OSs.



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